TOTW: Olafur Arnalds/Max Cooper_ partial+ypsilon remixes

Max Cooper’s remixes of the Olafur Arnald tracks “partial” and “ypsilon” unearth and enhance the percussive, electronic drive of the two tracks. A sound that was only hinted at it in the original versions, on Olafur Arnald’s album “re:member.”

The partial remix is true techno with repetitive driving drums taking over the piece, whilst the melody of the original piece slowly develops, oozing its way through the cracks in the track’s percussion.

Alternatively, the ypsilon remix gives more space to the melodic elements of the original track. They open and drive the piece, whilst the percussion shuffles its way around them, seemingly shunning the limelight.

Both tracks provide a fresh take on the originals, and show the strengths of both acts; specifically Olafur Arnald’s abilities in expert sound design and Max Cooper’s percussive prowess:

partial Remix:

ypsilon Remix:

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