TOTW: M83_You appearing

The Opening to M83’s 2008 album “Saturdays=Youth” is a slow burn. You appearing focuses on a collection of repeating melodyies, vocals and drones that slowly fade in and out of the track.

The track reminds me of the Shoegaze Gnere, Especially on the guitar pad/drones which are reversed to create these wide sweithes of sonic ambience I just love.

It’s an interesting start to the album, almost working as an amuse bouche before the main, more energetic corurse of the rest of the album.

As someone who likes some of my music to be a little more trippy and dreamy, “you appearing” is a supportive album track that holds up in its own right. With a sonic landscape and use of FX that really make this track shine.


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TOTW M83: Do it,Try it

Wow! What a couple of fantastic weeks its been. It’s usually quiet for the first few months of the year but with great new albums coming out and big announcements over the past few weeks things are really picking up.

Although there are several tracks that I would love to highlight this week I have to pick one and it had to be the new track by M83 and the announcement of their album “Junk” coming out in April. If they are as good as this reveal track we are in for a real treat indeed.
Theres something truly unique about a lot of music written by french people and that’s their amazing ability to walk a very thin line between the cheesy and cool. Do it, Try it is another in a long line of french electronic artists that masters those feelings. It starts with a 90s rave piano but once the vocals come in it starts to sound like a ballad before the dance elements of M83s sound get their teeth into the track turning the melancholic into a glorious dance floor fist pump.

Over the years the production on M83 tracks has developed to becoming one of the best around. Wether this be the personal skills of Anthony Gonzalez or a team he has developed they always manage to take tracks to grander levels and that’s the case with Do it, Try it. From the first move into the dance segment I’m still left thinking that they have peaked to soon. Yet they still find a way to bring these arpeggiated synth lines into the end of the track that escalate the whole thing further, a massive achievement.

On first listen I wasn’t sure about this track, I thought maybe they had taken it to far and after the previous album “Hurry up We’re Dreaming” I believed a change in direction was needed to keep things fresh however they have managed to bring other elements of dance into the track to embellish this already highly polished sound and create something new.

After the 40th listen of this track I’m still hooked. It had to be my TOTW and will be one of my favourites for the year. The release of the new album can’t come soon enough:



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TOTW: M83_Dancing Mountains

This week it has been roasting hot in the UK, a fantastic change from the usual Manchester weather. This mixed with my birday and the film premiere I worked on selling out, has left me feeling joyous most of the time.

However even when happy I like to wallow in self reflection alot of the time. Dancing Mountains by M83 is a beautiful accompaniment to this self reflection. The track only consists of a piano and a synth but it is equally beautiful and harrowing, well worth a listen if you are of like mind: