TOTW: Less Than Jake_Shugar In Your Gas Tank

Listening back to Less Than Jake for me is like stepping back in time to my early teenage years and i have been enjoying it allot recently. Although at the time Loosing Streak didn’t really hit home (being packaged in with their more well-known Hello Rockview In the UK) It now stands out as the album that seems to exemplify Less than Jake at their greatest point. Ska-Punk in its purest thrashy form before the influences of more modern punk sunk its nails into their sound.

Were greeted with fast paced tracks that manage to provide raw anarchic engergy which is beautifully acombanied with great moldys from the sax/trombone section.

Sugar In Your Gass Tank manages to be a highlight for me. It provides a great concentrated example of Less Than Jake at their creative peak. As an arrangment the track goes through several changes. It manages to have an ebb and flow building to the gutiars which then crash down to simpler arangments and building back up multiple times throughlout the tracks duration. It’s the perfect starting point to this era of the band and a great example of Ska-Punk In its Heyday.