TOTW: Kids See Ghosts- Feel The Love

Kanye West is becoming more well known for his social media presence and personal life then his music at this point. It sometimes feels like he builds up controversy before a release to see how deep a hole he can dig himself out of. A challenge to see just how much people will forgive him due to his talent as a rapper and producer.

It’s a raw and unbridled talent that keeps his productions unique. A single vision that although influenced by other things always carves its own path regardless of whats currently in or out of fashion. Kanye always feels like he wants to set the trend rather than follow it.

The single minded arrogance that makes Kanye such a polarising figure is also the reason for his success as an artist. It enables him to take risks in mainstream music that others couldn’t. Feel The Love is another example of him pushing a genre in an experimental direction with help for Pusha-T and Kid Cudi. The aggressive vocal delivery emulating drums is a bold choice but it pays off creating a fresh sound in a well trodden genre.