TOTW: Jon Brion_ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Theme

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favourite films and apart from it being a fantastic story it also has a wonderful soundtrack that i will be bringing up several times in the future.

But lets start with the main theme for the film. There is something about the melody of this track that grabs me, It feels awkward but manages to shuffle its way to resolution at the end of each phrase. Apart from standing out as a great track in its own right, its production complements the themes of the film perfectly.

The themes of repetition from the film manifest themselves in the track with both the melody and then the string loop clearly repeating in the background. When the track changes melody arround the 1 minute mark the instrumentation also turns from a traditional piano to a more childlike sound which reminds me of music from children’s cartoons like the herbs. This fits perfectly well with the films memory based story line.

The track manages put across the idea of nostalgia and reminiscing on memory’s perfectly. A wonderful accompaniment to the film but also a standout piece in its own right: