TOTW: Iglooghost_New Vectors

Iglooghost brings more elements of traditional instrumentation to his latest EP “Clear Tamei” . On the track “New Vectors,” piano, vocal and violin recordings bring an organic feel to a production heavy sound. They are all warped to fit his skittish, unique style, which he continues to develop further on this EP.

It’s a sound that may not be for everyone. Iglooghost sits at the very forefront of modern computer music. In doing so, he often pushes the listener outside of what they expect from music. He reflects popular music through his clear vision, and in turn shows a direction it could go.

This has often been the case with popular music. Acts who push the current technology and methods of making music past the current conventions often influence its future. Pop takes these acts style and offers a slightly watered down consumer friendly version.

Time will tell if Iglooghost is looked back on as a taste maker, but for now he proves that there’s still fresh and new ideas in music as a whole, and we’re still only scratching the surface of the computer as an instrument.


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TOTW: Iglooghost_White Gum

Iglooghost is another act that is pushing the sounds of the computer as an instrument to a new and strange place. He manages to both reference the works of other acts and yet have his own identity within his sonic world that mixes saccharin pop elements with harder experimental electronic composition.

His unique sound allows him to take other genre and make them his own like in this track White Gum witch takes a Hiphop/Rap structure and applies it to his kaleidoscopic world of mystical instrumentation and fast cuts:



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