TOTW: I Break Horses_Denial

When I first heard Hearts by I Break Horses I was instantly charmed and wanted to let other people know about it. That and several other tracks convinced me to start adding music I like and not just my own to this website. So in a way they are responsible for this Track of the Week segment.

Although a huge fan of their first album the second Chiarosuro was released at a weird time, early last year and never slipped into my music collection rather than being played regularly. However recently I’ve gone back to it and it’s got some great tracks.

Denial has a strong 80’s feel from that famous tom sound to the synth pad design blended with more modern production like side chain compression which as a whole creates that bitter-sweet sound that I enjoy most in electronic music:

TOTW: I Break Horses_ Faith

I Break Horses debut album “Hearts” was one of my favourite albums from a few years ago and made its way into my album of the year list. Now two years later were treated to their second album Chiaroscuro. The grand oppressive weight to their sound is still there but now rather than being juxtaposed with more uplifting guitar and synth melodies found in Hearts, Chiaroscuro focuses on a darker approach which is taking a bit longer to grow on me.

Faith is the Second Track on the album and a fine example of the album as a whole: