TOTW: Girls_Jamie Marie

In attempting to gather my thoughts for my top five albums of the year, I’ve been going back to previous years winners and seeing how they all stand up. This brought me back to the wonderful second Girls album from 2011.

Jamie Marie is the final track to the album and is a perfect swan song for their work being both the end of the album and the end track of their material due to the band disbanding after this albums tour.

For me vocals have never been about them as an instrument but as a form of communication. You can be pitch perfect and have a fantastic range but if what your singing isn’t believable to me I just don’t see the point. Some singers have the talent to make you belive words they havent written sound like they come from their heart, but often I find a singer songwriters achieve it more regularly and Christopher Owens vocals demonstrate this perfectly.

There is a fragility and innocence to his voice that suits the lyrics and hearing him sing “Maybe it’s all right. I mean, I went and found the modern world. But i miss the way live was when you were my girl” Get me every time: