TOTW: Fleet Foxes_ Fools Errand

The announcement that Fleet Foxes were reforming to create something new came with great anticipation. Now their latest album CRACK-UP is out and it’s finally time to hear what I was looking forward to.

It’s an album I wasn’t expecting in many ways. They have returned with a work that is far less accessible then anything they have created before and may put off fans of the more streamlined sound heard on their first album and EP. The exquisite harmonies still exist and are backed up by traditional folk instrumentation but the composition and structure of the songs has turned into something far less conventional. It will take several more listens to cement my feelings about the style as I’m still struggling to appreciate it all but there are points such as Fools Errand that really come together to create something wonderful.

The A/B structure mixes a repetitive composition with a slower more intricate one, the transition of which really makes the track.



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