TOTW: Nujabes ft Cise Starr_Highs 2 Lows

As summer eases its way through what’s been a fairly wet few months, hip hop has been more and more prevalent in my playlists, There’s something about the sun beating down on the bonnet of your car, feeling the wind rush through its open windows as you drive, that blends so well with an accompaniment of hip hop.

Every year one artist has stayed on rotation in my car above others, Nujabes was a fresh and fantastic talent from Japan, Blending traditional hip hop drum lines with a large collection of Jazz samples to create a fantastic bed of music for well selected collaborators to rap over.

Unfortunately in February of 2010 He died in a car crash, leaving just a small collection of full albums and compilations to his name. All of which have a close connection to me and a strong place in my collection.

As an introduction I thought I would start with one of my favourite tracks from him featuring lyrics for Cise Starr, If you like this please spend some time trawling the net for his other works, You wont be disappointed: