Charles Bradley- Victim Of Love

Charles Bradley- Victim Of Love

Last week we lost the incredible voice of Charles Bradley who passed away from cancer. He didn’t rise to success until later in life, working as a handyman and even living homeless before his music finally got recognition. Like all great singers he can pull from this experience and add a weight to his delivery which goes further than the lyrics themselves.

Victim Of Love is a great example the qualities unique to Charles Bradley. The power and pain that come from his vocals make this track more than the sum of its parts. It’s a skill that will be sorely missed:



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Charles Bradley is a blast from the past, His albums could have easily come out in any time period since the 60’s and done well.

Soul music has always seemed to have its hooks in popular music since the 60’s and I think its maintained popularity is due to the singer and their vocals. Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye the list goes on. All are connected by having distinct vocals which manage to convey raw emotion from their tonality alone. Charles Bradley also matches this legacy, his rough brooding voice manages to say everything about loss and sadness in the first groan, powerful stuff indeed: