TOTW: Car Seat Headrest_Beach Life-In-Death

Car Seat Headrest Has re-released a new version of his 2011 album Twin Fantasy. However, rather than just a re-mastering of the original recording done at 19 years old on Will Toledos home laptop, the whole project has be re-recorded in a studio environment. This brings the original seeds of creation into vivid clarity.

The original Twin Fantasy was a beloved album by a very dedicated fan base. By polishing the music up it manages to be more accessible and justify the avid reaction to the original. The album may clearly come from the sound of teen angst, when chemicals and emotions run high, but its compositional structure shows a creator with ambition and skills way above his age.

The second track Beach Life-In-Death is the first time you really notice something special is happening on this album. At just over 13 minutes the track goes through several pieces that all feed into each other, both in narrative and musicality. Its massively ambitious and way above what you usually hear in most garage rock.

By going back to earlier material Will Toledo has made me way more interested in his future. On The Twin Fantasy Remake he demonstrates not only his vast raw talent but also his ability to move this into a studio environment and make it more accessible:

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