The strength of BROCKHAMPTON is their versatility. This self titled ‘boy band’ is a collective of artists that come together to make Hip Hop that allows each of their own experiences and styles to come through.

Their output of four albums in under two years is an indication of the wealth of creativity and talent that the group have. Each album manages the difficult task of allowing a vast diversity in its styles of rap and production without loosing its structure.

It’s the groups ability to have clear and defined narratives that mange to be both individual and also part of the collective that make them worth listening to. A favorite track of mine is TAPE from their latest album ‘iridescence’.

The use of Classical/Jazz samples and shuffling kick drum patterns are a production style that has always worked well in Hip Hop. On TAPE the instrumentation changes as each of four rappers from the collective take up a verse. They all have a different world view and style of vocal delivery and this provides a grater narrative that only strengthens the piece and exemplifies the quality of the group as a whole:



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