TOTW: Bob Dylan_ Murder Most Foul

Bob Dylan needs no real introduction. His musical output has spanned decades and continued to be prolific. Any artist creating this much work over this much time will have varied output and Bob Dylan is no exception.

On the last track of his latest album “Murder Most Fowl,” he seems to have both the ups and downs of his career all wrapped up into a track that’s over 16 minutes in duration.

At sixteen minutes and fifty four seconds it’s certainly one of the longest if not the longest track he’s ever released on an album. His vocals and poetry are the focus of the whole track and he uses this time to speak in rhyming couplets throughout.

Although a fairly rudimentary poetic form, Dylan proves his unique vision and artistry can create truly iconic art using it.

But this isn’t the case throughout the track and it’s what interests me most about it on multiple plays.

Its long playtime allows this poetry and word association to drift in and out of poignancy for the listener. There are sections that seem to drift into the background before suddenly a few sentences are delivered with so much relevance that they resonate in your brain like sunbeams piercing through the clouds.

It’s in those moments that you remember what a talent Dylan has and will always be. It’s a style and thought process that will never be recreated and something that should be cherished.

Murder Most Fowl manages to play off it, with the maturity of an artist is coming towards the end of his career. A perfect swansong to his latest album and indication that Dylan can still create music that relates and is relevant to this day:


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TOTW: Bob Dylan_ Most Of The Time

Bob Dylan needs no introduction, an iconic figure with a body of work spanning for years.

Most Of The Time is a more modern track and less well known than his early folk music which made him famous. His hefty vocals have a weight of maturity about them and are perfectly supplemented by the atmospheric electric guitar sound and open drums that show someone who has developed their craft for years. It’s a¬†shining example of the evolution of an artist and simply a lovely track, give it a listen: