On his latest album PHANTOM BRICKWORKS Bibio creates large ambient soundscapes reminiscent of other luminaries in the genre. It’s a sound I’ve been developing myself over the past few weeks for a my live performances at Leigh’s ART Market on the 9th & 10th of December and in doing so you realise just how hard it is go keep things simple in structure. You constantly battle with the desire to add more but it’s the lack of this that creates the track.

By removing something easy to latch onto the listener has to find their own from the sounds that are available or even imagine sounds to give the track a feeling of competition. It creates a track with a unique feel that can be frustrating for some listeners but addictive to others. I fall into the second camp as these kind of tracks never get old for me, leaving space in the mix to constantly create my own ideas.

On PHANTOM BRICKWORKS III Bibio uses tried and tested techniques that are highly effective for the genre as loops of piano notes are played at very slightly different durations to create a melody that drifts gradually over time.



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