TOTW: Ben Folds Five_Army

This week has been really busy for me. Moving Into a new house has left me with a lot of chores to do. Although I’ve been off work for the past couple of weeks I’ve spent most of that time on the house.

I’ve also not been listening to much music during this period instead choosing podcasts as I find them easier to drop in and out of than listening to new music with the attention it deserves.

However I have been going back to some of my favorite records and songs. Tracks I know so well I don’t have to focus on them in the same way I would a piece of music that is new to me. One of those records has been “The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner” by “Ben Folds Five” an album I have loved since my teens.

The First Track I heard from the album was when this track “Army” was used underneath a rugby promo on the BBC. As a trombone player at the time I was instantly attracted to the Brass segment that was used on the track. These were pre-shazam days where finding tracks from small sections was hard to do, even with the internet. With some perseverance and the help from a message board I managed to find out the origins of the track and bought this album to hear what the rest of it was like.

Over the years It has grown into one of my favorite records and one I return to and is well worth delving into for anyone who hasn’t. “Army” was my first introduction to his music and a great place to start:


TOTW- Playlist: