TOTW: Autechre_Eutow

Autechre are an act that have always pushed the boundaries of the electronic musical genre they have worked in. Their Third album, entitled Tri Repetae was released in 1995 and still holds its own to this day as both a great album and an influence to many electronic albums.

My track of the week Eutow demonstrates what makes their work special. Eutow manages to straddle the line between experimental and more traditional mainstream electronic music. It’s minimal instrumentation allows the instruments that are used to be massive all consuming monsters. They chew up the audio spectrum with ripping synth sounds that still feel as modern as they did when they were created.

If electronic music interests you and Autechre haven’t make it on your radar, you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. Eutow is a good place to start.



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