TOTW: Ash Koosha_ Feather

Ash Koosha creates experimental electronica that’s sporadic and expressive in weird and wonderful ways. His New Album “I AKA I” feels a little more structured than his previous works but it still has these beautifully lush textures arranged and composed in ways that are both unexpected and exiting.

Feather feels as if the synth sounds of the history of video game music were turned into a freestyle collage of instrumentation. Starting with these garish yet uplifting FM Synth faux brass sounds before quickly diving into a the depths of dark rhythmic percussion and bass highlighted with piercing bleeps and bloops.

Although almost the antithesis of improvisational jazz in tone these electronic interments remind me of the organic structures of that genre as the sounds adjust in tempo and structure to find space for other elements in the piece. It creates a barrage of sound that I have found captivating on many listens:



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