TOTW: Angelo Badalamenti- Twin Peaks Theme

Well after over 25 years twin peaks is back and as my fears of how the show would turn out turned into genuine fear as I watched the first two hours and realised that Mark Frost and Davind Lynch were creating exactly what they and therefore I wanted.

The show has always blended the surreal, comical and horrific and the series does the same. However it now tilts towards the latter. With a darker more nightmarish vision that has you laughing at its eccentricities before they turn creepy and finally scary. I highly recommend it.

The theme music returns and still fits perfectly with the darker style, showing its versatility as a singular iconic identity to the show. It manages to summerise both the sweetness and often blandness of small time life and the sinister darkness that the show toys with. It manages to use sounds that are iconic with synthesis of the 90s and yet it still remains timeless. The melodies of every part of the instrumentation are all instantly recognisable in there own right and stand on there own individually which is a rare achievement. As a whole its mix of the romantic and ominous makes this stand out as one of the best pieces of title music for TV recorded.

Twin Peaks Intro on Youtube: