TOTW: Alex Cameron- Far From Born Again

I’ve really enjoyed Alex Cameron’s album Miami Memory. On this album, his wry and often witty lyrics describe characters and build stories around them.

Far From Born Again is a positive take on a woman working in different areas of the sex industry. The novelty of the subject matter makes for a refreshing uplifting track that is only enhanced by its backing music with is well and truly routed in soft rock.

This blend of a genre that has always been safe, to the point of it being almost considered “bland,”mixed with the more raucous subject matter, adds a levity to that track that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Being able to write tracks that empathize with other people’s perspectives has always been a key part of music, and Alex Cameron manages to do do it brilliantly on this track and on the record. But its his turn of phrase and delivery that truly elevates the record into something I have put on repeatedly. A clear and unique vision that manages to take varied and unusual subject matter and make it an easy and fun listen:


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