TOTW: Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini_ Illusion Of Time

Both Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini are highly respected in the electronic music world for their unique and experimental takes on different genre. They have come together to make an album that focuses heavily on sound design.

Large, slowly evolving soundscapes make up the majority of this album, with an emphasis on atmosphere over rhythm. Although large swaths of the album have a darker sound pallet, which is rich in distortion, its title track is certainly one of the more uplifting pieces.

The main focal point of “Illusion Of Time” is a looping, sequenced pattern that continues throughout. It’s supported by a deep bass line and a melody that uses the same sounds as the sequence, creating a variety in the piece.

But its the sound design underneath the surface that really makes the track for me. A large shimmer reverb and use of distortion creates vast rich pools of sound that sit low in the mix. They hint at something far grander than the lead composition displays:


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