TOTW: Christian Lee Hutson_ Twin Soul

As the year comes towards a close, I listen to more music and try to get through as many albums as I can for my albums of the year list.

 I really enjoyed album Beginners by Christian Lee Hutson. The album still proves the effectiveness of a traditional singer songwriter album when they have a unique world view that shines through.

 It’s the same old formula of an instrumental sound and a stylised vocal delivery that has been done countless times, and yet it still holds your attention and proves that simplicity can be just as effective as experimentation when it is done well.

Twin Soul was the stand out track on the album for me from the way the narrative slowly reveals itself over each verse.

It’s a bitter sweet track slowly showing the worries and struggles of a relationship from an insecure narrator. The earnestness of the piece is what stood out to me and the ability of the vocals to reflect this fragility makes it work incredibly well:


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