TOTW: Carla del Forno- Hype Sleep

Hype Sleep’s main melody is played high on a bass guitar, and repeats every four bars until this tracks outro. It has an hypnotic effect on the listener, lulling you almost into a feeling of sleep. This is backed up by the other instrumentation, which slowly shifts throughout the background of the track.

Although the track fits very much into a soundscape that I enjoy, the one thing that separates it from the majority of these kind of tracks is just how much of the instrumentation isn’t synthetic. Woodblock, woodwinds and electric bass are the core of the piece, with only a collection of effects and sound design. It gives the piece a folk aesthetic that makes it timeless.

What the track misses in melody and suture, it more than makes up for in mood. A chameleon of a track that suits many environments and sticks with you from first listen:


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