TOTW- Against All Logic_Fantasy

Nicholas Jaar has really impressed me over the past few years underneath the “Against All Logic” pseudonym. His 2018 album “2012-2017” was a fresh and invigorating surprise, quickly making its way into my end of year list.

It’s success has resulted in a clear sequel “2017-2019”, which continues with what makes “Against All Logic” so exciting to me. Taking the structured formula of dance music genre (mostly house), and then flavoring it with experimentation to create new and explosive music, it breaks tradition and keeps you permanently guessing.

The album opens with “Fantasy.” The opening synthesizer plucked style sound is clearly teenage engineering’s OP-1; one of my favorite and most loved synths. I don’t know what it is about it’s digital sound but it does something for me personally that has meant I would never part with my own. This synth continues to be used on the whole track along with the chopped up vocals of Beyoncé to create a collection of grooves that hook you in instantly and keep you locked in, even whilst he pulls them apart with stuttering drums and a minimalist breakdown.

This track to me is like a dream come true. One of my favorite electronic acts using one of my favorite synthesizers to create a track that demonstrates both his skills and the sounds that I have grown to love from years of personal use of the instrument. What more could I ask for?


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