TOTW: Bjarki_ Sprinq 3-2

A good friend Jon Taylor recommended I listen to the Bjarki ablum “Happy Earthday,” and I’m glad I did.

There’s clear influences of the warp acts Boards Of Canada and Aphex Twin throughout the album, but its the more experimental flourishes on the tracks that take the music away from imitation and towards a sound uniquely identifiable as this artist.

This type of sound is right in my wheelhouse anyway, so I was always going to enjoy it, but I’ve listened to it repeatedly due to its unique eccentricities. A stand out among these is my track of the week “sprinq 3-2”.

The track only hints at the percussion that’s in the majority of the album. Instead, it builds and releases tension with large synth pad swells. These layer over elements that sound close to organised radio static to create a wistful, emotive piece that works on its own and as part of the album flow.

So thanks Jon for a great recommendation and I hope by passing it on you’ll get the same enjoyment out of the album as I have:


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