Albums of the Year 2019-Sharon Van Etten_ Remind Me Tomorrow

Sharon Van Etten- Remind Me Tomorrow

“Remind Me Tomorrow” was certainly the first album of this year that really grabbed me and its stuck with me for the rest of the year, making it one of the easiest choices for my top five.

Its hard to keep a record sounding fresh over repeated listening. “Remind Me Tomorrow” manages this with a mix of catchy melodic hooks and a cold refined detachment. It creates an overarching haunting style that gives the entire album a direction that holds throughout a collection of tracks, which vary in instrumentation and tempo.

Synths ooze and pulsate through the majority of the album, driving the tracks direction into more sinister corners. Songs about love twist into obsession and sacrifice. Nostalgia turns into missed opportunities. It removes the sheen from even the more upbeat lyrics.

The slower tracks mixed with this style create a thick fog of emotion that underpins the majority of the album.

However, towards its final track, the synths fall further into the background and guitars come to the forefront, bringing a few more rock elements into the mix. With this come brighter and sometimes harsher textures, which, by the end of the album, are nearly uplifting.

This album is a journey with a strong rich atmosphere that allows a collection of great individual tracks to become a great album. It has been on my list for nearly the entire year and has fended off some strong competition to keep its deserved place in my top five:


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