Albums Of The Year 2019

2019 has been another great year for music and the albums of this year have been particularly hard to choose. After much deliberation I’ve decided my favorite five albums and my album of the year and I’m finally happy with my decisions.

Today I will post a honorable mention that couldn’t quite make the list for criteria reasons. Then from tomorrow I will be posting my first runner up and will continue releasing a review a day until my album of the year review on to new years day.

All of the albums mentioned are worth a listen. They show what I believe to be the best of what music has to offer, from the several hundred records I’ve listened to this year.

Although there have been many records that have been great this year with hundreds of outstanding tracks. I believe these 5 albums and 1 honorable mention to be the best complete works as albums from the year.

If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to comment and I will give any I missed during the year a listen.

[For my first review and honorable mention click here]

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