TOTW: Angel Olsen_Summer

TOTW: Angel Olsen_Summer

Winter is here. And in this cold weather we always crave the consumption of richness and depth. On her latest album “all mirrors,” Angel Olsen creates the audio equivalent.

To say the album has lush production would be an understatement. Wonderfully detailed textures of warm, varied instrumentation provide a comforting heart to the record. This is juxtaposed with her colder vocals, which, throughout the album, focus on detachment, both in lyrics and delivery.

“Summer” is one of the many great tracks on the album. It focuses more on synthetic instrumentation, with synthesisers replacing the string and brass arrangements that are found on other tracks.

Opening with what sounds like an ARP Solina Synth (a personal favorite of mine), it is then given a shine with forward vocals and guitar that add a levity to the deeper, darker textures. The track is then pushed along by the electric bass line. All of the instruments are mixed and produced with a warmth that can only come from some really high quality production tools and an incredibly talented engineer. It makes this track, and the album, sound timeless. It is a really great piece of work that will only get better as it ages:


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