TOTW: Sharon Van Etten_ I Told You Everything

Sharon Van Etten’s album “Remind Me Tomorrow” is quickly becoming a highlight for the year. The tracks manage to be both versatile and have a collective vision and direction that works well as a whole.

The album opens with “I Told You Everything.” This is a slow, minimalist track with lots of low end and plenty of mood. The sparse lyrics depict a meeting between two people and, although the subject matter seems pretty normal, the weight that Sharon Van Etten adds to them indicates they are something far greater; the minutia of life that with hindsight often becomes the most important.

As the track slowly develops, it envelops you in its dark soundscapes. These continue throughout the album. It is a soft introduction to a journey that is well worth taking. “I Told You Everything” is a great start to an album that’s more than worth your time:



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