TOTW: Telefon Tel Aviv_The Birds

Telefon Tel Aviv’s album “Immolate yourself” has both haunted and compelled me since its release in 2009. Its understated songs always downplay the heady heights synth pop usually aims for. It leaves the album with a macabre aesthetic that really grows on you with repeat listens.

The Birds starts the album and although rather simple in its arrangement and composition, every instrument is driving the track forward. Creating a constant crescendo for the first half of the track, only to drop off briefly before a distorted synth semi-solo that falls apart as soon as it begins. Back into the sounds of arpeggiated synths and repetitive electronic drums.

In a modern EDM world with humongous FM synth leads and all consuming Kick drums. The birds in a masterwork in understatement, achieving the same results emotionally without ever pushing for it.

All these years later on and with repeat listens, its subtlety’s still grow on me. Its a track that has and will always stick around:


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