TOTW: The Flaming Lips- Silver Trembling Hands

The Flaming Lips are probably my favorite band. I have listened to them on and off since my mid teens and each time I go back to their work i find more things to love. Their experimental use of composition and instrumentation, mixed with lyrics that manage to talk about the human condition but in a often more cerebral and surreal way, creates a unique world that’s often imitated but never re-created.

I started listening to them again recently because of the podcast “Sorcerer’s Orphan” where Steven Drozed and other current/ex members of the flaming lips break down individual tracks to tell you how they were made and the ideas behind the process. For a fan it’s a great insight into many of the tracks. It’s well worth a listen for anyone who’s interested in The Flaming Lips or song construction in general.

There are many tracks to recommend from their back catalog and I have recommend several I the past. However, Looking back through my blog posts on the Flaming Lips the first track that stood out to me as missing was “Silver Trembling Hands” So I had to rectify this now by making it my track of the week.

“Silver Trembling hands” manages to have one of my favorite changes in music. The verses are drum lead aggressive pieces of tension and momentum that melt away into masses of tape delay and reverb in the choruses, Reminiscent of some of the greatest moments from Pink Floyd. Its a true joy that gets me every time I hear the track. I hope you get as much from it as I do:


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