TOTW: Oneohtrix Point Never_We’ll Take it

Every release of an Oneohtrix Point Never album has left me dumbfounded. His ability to constantly vary a sound that sits on the fringes of modern music has made him one of my favorite musicians currently working.

His latest album “Age Of” is closer to pop music than any of his previous works. However, it’s mangled through a unique production and composition techniques that create a surreal and often bleak experience for the listener.

Many of the tracks contain vocals as a leading element but for this week I decided to go for an instrumental piece.

“We’ll Take it” sounds somewhere between music and machinery. Jittering percussive electronic hits provide the basis of the track as they rip their way into a cavernous spring reverb. The percussive elements may be in the front and center of the track but its the samples and synth pads that create its sinister tone. As the piece continues it undulates in different directions, defying expectations to its very conclusion.

As modern electronic music continues to push the boundaries of music, OPN leads the charge. In doing so he creates fresh and exiting music that’s always worth a listen.


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