TOTW: Peter Bjorn & John_From Now On

My Track of the week segment has been going for several years now and the one thing that still surprises me is how many of my favourite artists have never been placed on the list.

Peter Bjorn and John are a perfect example of a band that should have appeared on my list years ago. They were a key part to the soundtrack of my mid twenties and still have a close place in my heart. Best known for the track Yong Folks, many may have written them off as a one hit wonder but they have a large collection of music both as a band and as producers and musicians on other artists’ work.

The one thing that has always shone thorough is their ability to write a fantastic pop hook, even on their earlier work which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Their first, self titled album manages to tie a lofi garage rock sound with pop sensibilities and in doing so creates a personal favourite album of mine. There are many great tracks on the album but a few rank as some of my favourite tracks of all time. From Now On is one of these.

A simple but instantly recognisable melody starts the piece on piano, before we go into guitar and vocals. This melody slowly works its way into the vocals, becoming a motif that at the halfway point takes over the track again. The piano line is joined by swells of trumpet, guitar and strings, working their way into a fantastic crescendo of musical sweetness. It’s a pure joy to hear, no matter how many times I’ve played it and more than deserves its place on my TOTW playlist.



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