Albums OF The Year 2017

I was a little apprehensive at the start of picking my favorite 5 albums this year. At the beginning of last month I was struggling to think about 5 albums that really resonated with me. However once I started to look back on the year in music and listen to a few albums that I had missed it became the exact opposite.

The level of quality in music this year has been really exiting as acts have merged genre and pushed styles and sounds in more experimental ways across the board. From the most mainstream pop to the avant-gaurde, music is being more effected by the Internet age. A world where anyone can hear almost anything ever recorded and be influenced by it. This leads to more diversity and creativity across all forms of music.

I have boiled down the list to the five albums that have had the most effect on me personally throughout the year. However there are many albums that I could be persuaded to swap on the list with passionate discussion. The acts that I have left out but still love will work their way into my Track Of The Week segment so hopefully they will get the fair shake in the long run:

Visit tomorrow to find out the first runner up in my list. This will continue each day until the announcement of my album of the year on new years eve.

Hope you’ve all had a merry Christmas and great music can continue on into the new year.

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