TOTW: BadBadNotGood & Samuel T. Herring_Time Moves Slow

BadBadNotGood are a Jazz Quartet for the modern generation. Their influences span multiple genre especially Hip hop and because of this they have become a regular collaborators with some of the biggest current Hip hop acts in the world.

Their own albums also show this willingness to adapt and morph between styles and genre for the sake of the track. It leads to a versatility and unpredictability in their work that is always refreshing to the listener.

On Time Moves Slow, laid back soul music is clearly the main influence. Future Islands Samuel T. Herring providing the vocals to a bed of lush organs, gutar and drums with a natural swagger that really give the track an organic sense of place. It’s the atmosphere that’s created that really elevates this track. Talking you to a world of dark smokey clubs and late night recording studios. It’s a sound that’s missing from a lot of modern production as technologies and cost have removed the more natural sounds of people playing in a room together and It’s great to hear it still existing on tracks like this:



TOTW Playlist:

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