TOTW: Boards Of Canada_ Peacock Tail

Boards Of Canada have always being and enegmatic presence in the music industry. Staying secretive and creating music that is unique and has become iconic for fans of the fringe elements of electronic music. It’s a sound that is so distinguishable that any listener of their work will recognise it within seconds when its frequently used in films and television, even if its is a track they haven’t heard before. No mean feat for any artist.

Peacock Tail blends the mix of field recordings, sampling and instrumentation well. With large synth pads and heavy use of delay and reverb to create a cavernous sound that is then cut through with precise and dry drums. The song slowly shifts through different instrumentation and iterations of the melody, effortlessly creating a sound that sits somewhere between the the foreground and background. It’s this style that captivates fans of their work. Crating a pallet of tonality that is constantly shifting yet rarely intruding, instead reflecting the thoughts of the listener onto it.


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