TOTW: DJ Shadow- This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)

Over the Past few weeks I have listened to a lot of music fitting into the funk and soul genre as I gather a collection together to DJ and I came back to this lesser known gem by DJ shadow.

His work has always sampled music from the history of soul and funk and chopped them up into strong beats and iconic melodies but on this track he decides to return to the very origin of the works creating a modern soul classic with the history of the genre at the forefront but mixed with the modern production techniques that weren’t available at the time to create something that fits into both worlds.

The result is something quite special. A track that seems to come from a parallel universe where soul music stayed close to its routes and in that way it manages to work well in both a modern and old DJ set and can even provide bridge between the two.

Give it a listen below:



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