TOTW: Clark_Peak Magnetic

Clarks latest album Death Peak is clearly influenced by his previous two releases the self titled album which focused on strong dance elements and his previous sound track album The last Panthers which focused more on creating atmospheric backgrounds for picture.

On Death Peak we see both at play. Large soundscapes mix with rhythmic drums and his rip roaring bass design to create an album that exemplifies his current direction. On Peak Magnetic these two worlds are blended together to create my favorite track from the work as synthetic elements are blended with vocal samples and strong rhythms to create a track that rests somewhere between the dance floor and the headphone listener. Just over halfway into the track an all encompassing bass synth rips its way through, devouring all the percussive elements and returning the track to its initial instrumentation. It’s a great demonstration of the sound Clark has been developing over the the last few albums and a perfect place to start:


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