TOTW: Telefon Tel Aviv_ You Are The Worst Thing In The World

Telefon Tel Aviv were one of the first artists I ever featured on my Track Of The Week segment of this blog. Promoting music I love that is often on the fringes of most listeners is the reason this segment exists and they’re certainly fit into that category. Looking back I noticed that I never included a track from their album Immolate Yourself. The last album made before Charles Coopers accidental death in 2009 and it is time I rectified the situation.

The album took the group away from their computer heavy compositional style to analogue synths and a tape machines for recording and its shows in the work. As the glitch style percussion gives way to more organic textures their experimentation still remained.

On You are The Worst Thing In the World percussive tape loops and a hi-hat pattern drift in and out of sync with each other to give elements of randomness that are then cemented by the rigid arpeggiated analogue synth line and more driving elements of percussion. Its this blend of the more experimental elements from the history of electronic production mixed with strong melodies that keep me coming back to their work and this album time and time again:



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