TOTW: The Flaming Lips_ Oczy Mlody

The Flaming Lips latest album opens with an instrumental track of the same name Oczy Mlody.

A bitter-sweet synth lead provides focus for the other drifting instrumentals which vary from the traditional Bass Guitar, to the surreal warping guitars and tape echo. Which is used more as an instrument than an effect as it creates time warping ping pong style percussive delays.

When I first started to listen to the Flaming lips they portrayed this world of vibrant Joy. Even in their darker moments the tracks always felt as sweet as candy canes, a bright kaleidoscope of colours and imagery. It’s still there but muted now, The sun is setting on a world where anything fantastical could and would happen and with it comes the shadows. There is hope in the music but with all hope there is doubt. A doubt that the sun will come up again.

This is what always excites me about a new release from The Flaming Lips. They have created their own style and sound over years and are so comfortable with it that no matter which direction they take it in to reflect their current situation it still stays iconic to them. Oczy Mlody is another step in their journey and well worth your time:


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