TOTW: Telefon Tel Aviv_ Fahrenheit Fair Enough

This is the first and probably the last time I will make a Track My Track Of the Week for the Second time.

Fahrenheit Fair Enough was one of the first Tracks I made a Track of the week. At the time it was already a bit of a curiosity with a low quality stream on youtube the only way to access the track to share on my blog.

However 5 years later the Track finally gets a Reissue as a precursor to the release of their album of the same name and i can finally offer it as a track to listen to on multiple streams and in better quality. The fact that I am still so fond of this track 5 years since making it my TOTW indicates the powerful affect it has on me.

The mix of Glitch percussion with strong chord structured pads make remind me of another favourite IDM track Flim by Aphex Twin. Its this mix of the Harsh Complexity of the percussion with the softness of the instrumentation that make the track not only hugely enjoyable but also highly influential:


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