TOTW: The Beatles_Tomorrow Never Knows

It’s about time that I addressed putting a Beatles track on my TOTW playlist. It’s hard to tackle a band as influential and creative as The Beatles. It’s staggering that in a seven year window they created some of the most revolutionary albums and tracks of all time. With the fiftieth anniversary of Revolver this year I thought it was time to highlight one of those.

Tomorrow Never Knows is quite frankly essential listening. Those of you who haven’t heard it need to stop reading this blog press play and let it overwhelm you. When you hear it on the end of revolver it seems to come out of nowhere and in context of the time this must have seemed to come from another planet. Tape loops warped in time and pitch create a sound never heard the mainstream up to this point. It’s a sound that’s now been filtered through and popularised in so many genre that the track now sounds normal.

This is what escalates Tomorrow Never Knows to being one of the most important tracks of all time. It’s a reference point for so many genres to this day. A seed for the creative sprouting of both dance and psychedelic music that now influence every current musician today. If we all stand on the shoulders of giants then Tomorrow Never Knows is one of the grandest Titans:

Tomorrow Never Knows:

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