TOTW: Venetian Sanres_ You And Shayna v1

On his latest album “Traditional Synthesizer Music” Venetian Snares uses a modular synth with no editing or overdubbing to create every track. Although an incredible feat in itself what’s most surprising is how close it is to his other albums.

The complexity of the percussive parts on his music is always astonishing even when he has a sampler and DAW to handle most of the grunt work. If you take those pieces of equipment out of the equation and work within the modular setting it becomes a mind boggling achievement that he achieves flawlessly.

I’m not sure if it’s the modular or the one take nature but this form of production has added a warmth to the sound of the album that is lacking from the harsher sounds heard on his other works. Creating music that’s easier on the ear without losing the structures and complexity’s of his music.

The whole album is worth a listen but You And Shayna v1 stood out as a highlight for me so I’ve made it my Track of the week:



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