TOTW: Floating Points_ Silhouettes (i,ii & iii)

On The album Elaenia, Floating Points mixes Jazz and elements of Electronica with great skill the highlight being the Suite of tracks entitled Silhouettes. Running in at over 10 minutes we are treated to a track that at first sounds like it is going a more traditional electronic route before the more organic flow of jazz is introduced with the drums a minute in.

As more live instrumentation is added over the sequenced Eurorack synth we move into something far more freeform. Synth, rhodes piano and an instrument that could be a sax or synthesiser go the traditional jazz route, finally a string section followed by vocalists comes into the mix and lifts the track into the sky.

It’s this fluid nature of the track that really makes it. As it morphs between styles we never notice the quite dramatic changes throughout its instrumentation until you look back on the piece. Floating Points has managed to blend the rigidity of step sequencing and electronic music with the natural instincts of jazz in such an organic way that differentiating between the two is hard. This in itself is an incredible achievement, coming from an artist with a clear and developed understanding of composition and it deserves to be heard:

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