TOTW: Oneohtrix Point Never_Sticky Drama

It has been just over a week since the release of the new Onohtrix Point Never album entitled Garden Of Delete and I have listened to it a lot. Yet again OPN aka Daniel Lopatin has both defied and expanded expectations with music that seems to come from somewhere truly unique. Music that continues to develop through years of listening as his previous albums have proved. A musician that is pushing the edges of taste, genre and even music itself.

Sticky Drama is the most recent single from Garden Of Delete and is a perfect summary of the album as a whole. Old Chiptune vocal synthesis, hard tearing synths and heavy midi manipulation are used to create music that seems to be both referential and truly unique.

On the first few listens it may be hard to get your head around what is happening within his sound design and compositional structures but I urge you to stick with it. Ignore what you usually expect from music and focus on the raw guttural emotions you get from listening to Sticky Drama. The track manages to blend elements of beauty and harshness. It’s an anthem for both total anarchy or a violent dictatorship:

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