TOTW: Slowdive_ Crazy For You

Over the past few months I have been catching up on the Band Slowdive, after the fantastic Pitchfork documentary on their album Souvlaki

The Shoegaze genre has a lot of influence on modern music, but through listening to Slowdive I notice just how much this band influenced some of my favourite artists today.

They have a more dreamy, woozy feel that we associate with the Dream Pop and Chillwave genres but instead of just being the seeds of this music you notice how the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. In fact releasing one of their albums today with modern mix and mastering equipment and Slowdive would sit alongside the Beach Houses and Best Coasts of this world.

Crazy For You is drenched in reverb and the guitar lines are covered in effects. It all merges into this beautiful pool of harmony. It could have come out yesterday and it would sound current. The fact it came out 20 years ago indicates how effective this type of sound can be when done well.

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