TOTW: Washed Out_Far Away

The album “Within and Without” by Washed Out is a personal favourite of mine. When I first listened to it in 2011 it didn’t reach out and grab me, but subtly over time it has worked its way into my subconscious and now I listen to it on a regular basis.

What grabs me most about this album is the dedication to its overall sound. The genre of chillwave features many synths treated with a wash of reverbs and eq’s that takes away their harshness. We’re left with a sound that is never abrasive but is distinctive. Washed out manage to carve a niche in that sound that’s unique to them.

The whole album works well and I rarely go back to individual tracks, instead let the whole thing play out in its comforting and dreamlike way. I would highly recommend you do the same but as I have to pick one track I have gone for Far Away the darkest track on the album with a synth/xylophone line that holds the vocals covered heavily in reverb together.

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