TOTW: Oneohtrix Point Never_ Chrome Country

Oneohtrix Point Never creates some of the most varied and exiting experimental music out there. Although over the past few years he has been releasing work related to his commission pieces his albums feel very much spawned by limiting himself to a collection of ideas.

This makes each album sound very different and his 2013 release R Plus Seven is no exception. It blends a lot of sounds from computer synthesis and samplers, especially the use of choir samples. This use of the weirdly synthetic and organic along with its skittish blending of musical styles makes the whole album a complex work to get your head arround.

I have gone back to this album many times now over the past year and still find more complexities in it. Chrome Country finishes the album off and is the one track I go back to the most. The blend of the organic vocal samples with warm pad sounds that all get time stretched into digital artifacts before a pipe organ finishes the track off make for a sound that is truly out there.

Throughout all the weirdness the thing that I most appreciate about his music is that it often leads to an emotional rather than cerebral outcome. Which is not the case with most experimental music.

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