TOTW: Chroma Key_ Graveyard Mountain Home

I don’t know much about Chroma Key Other than its the solo project of Kevin Moore the ex dream theather keyboard player. His music features electronic and organic instruments and is clearly influenced by the ambient music genre but with slightly more drive.

All of Chroma Keys work has a nice blend of sound scapes and can sound nieve and even childish at some points but all tracks have a dark maybe even slightly sinister tinge reminding me of old nursury rymes or fairy tales.

I have cosen the title track from “Graveyard Mountain Home” An album that uses more traditional folk instruments to create his unique blend of genres. The album was designed as a soundtrack for the social guidence film Age 13 when slowed down by half its original playback time. If you like what you hear from the track below and fancy seeing/hearing more the film is availabe to stream with a quick serch of the internet:

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