TOTW: Moderat_Bad Kingdom

It’s been 4 years and I still listen to the first Moderat album. It’s a great piece of electronica that manges to take mainstream dance music and filter it through some of the more fringe areas of electronica to create something still relevent today.

Now the wait is up and a second album entitled “moderat ii” is out. So will I still be listening to the new material in the next 4 years?

Well after a week of listening to it, I’m still finding new things to love which is a good sign. It’s a great album that anyone with in interest in electronica should listen to.

The production on it is quite simply sublime. Textures and melodys are treated with equal reverence and will make the album appeal to a large group of electronica fans. From mainstream dance to the more experimental edges there is something for everyone here.

The mix of Apparat and Modeselectors ideas make something distinctively unique yet reverential to their individual works. I hope we don’t have another 4 year wait on our hands to hear more.

“Bad Kingdom” is the most Single friendly track on the album, and the one chosen for promotion. If you like what you hear or would like to hear more of the soundscapes behind this track then Give the album a listen:

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